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How to Add a Collaborator on Instagram: Expanding Your Content Team

October 5th 2023
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How to Add a Collaborator on Instagram
How to Add a Collaborator on Instagram

Instagram, the photo-sharing giant, has always been at the forefront of introducing features that enhance user experience and engagement. One such feature that has been a game-changer for content creators and brands alike is the Instagram collab feature. Let’s dive into how you can leverage this feature to expand your content team and reach.

Understanding the Instagram Collab Feature

The Instagram collab feature, available on the Instagram app, allows two users to co-author a post or reel. When this is done, the post appears on both users’ profiles, effectively doubling the potential audience reach. This is especially beneficial for brands and influencers looking to tap into other accounts’ audience base using Instagram collab posts.

Steps to Add a Collaborator on Instagram

How to Add a Collaborator on Instagram

Open the Instagram App: Begin by opening your Instagram app and navigating to the post creation page.

Choose Your Content: Whether it’s a standard post or one of the popular Instagram reels, select the content you wish to upload.

Invite Collaborators: Before publishing, you’ll find an option to “Tag Collaborator.” Here, you can search for the Instagram account of the person you wish to collaborate with.

Publish: Once the collaborator accepts the collaboration request, the post will appear on both profiles.

Benefits of Using Instagram’s Collab Feature

Wider Reach: As the collab post appears on both the original creator and the collaborator’s account, it ensures that the content reaches both audiences.

Enhanced Engagement: With two sets of audiences, engagement rates, including likes, shares, and comments, often see a significant boost.

Versatility: This feature isn’t limited to just standard posts. Instagram reels can also be co-authored, adding a layer of versatility to your content strategy.

Things to Keep in Mind

How to Add a Collaborator on Instagram

Private Accounts: The collab feature is not available for private accounts. Both the original creator and the collaborator need to have public Instagram accounts to utilize this feature.

Collab Requests: If you receive an Instagram collab request, ensure it aligns with your brand or personal image before accepting.

Original Creator Deactivates: If the original creator deactivates the collab feature or their account, the post will remain only on the collaborator’s profile.

Expanding Your Content Team

The beauty of the Instagram collab post feature is that it allows for seamless collaboration between brands, influencers, and everyday Instagram users. By strategically partnering with others:

Brands can tap into new audience segments without the need for paid promotions.

Influencers can cross-promote with other influencers to diversify and expand their follower base.

Everyday Users can share moments with friends and family, co-authoring posts that capture memories from multiple perspectives.

Choosing the Best Collaborators on Instagram: A Guide to Harnessing the Instagram Collabs Feature

How to Add a Collaborator on Instagram

Instagram has revolutionized the way we view and share content. With the introduction of the Instagram collabs feature, users can now co-author content, allowing for more dynamic and engaging collab posts. But how do you choose the right collaborators to maximize this feature? Let’s delve into the process.

Understanding the Instagram Collabs Feature

Unlike tagging, the Instagram collabs feature allows you to add collaborators to a feed post, making them co-authors. This means the post appears on both your profile and the collaborator’s profile. If you have a public account, you can invite other public accounts to collaborate. However, private account users cannot use the Instagram collab feature in the same way.

Steps to Add Collaborators on Instagram

How to Add a Collaborator on Instagram
  1. Initiate a Post: Start by creating Instagram posts. Before hitting the post button, tap ‘Tag People’.
  2. Invite Collaborator: Instead of just tagging, you’ll see an option to invite a collaborator. Once you send the invite, they’ll receive an invite notification.
  3. Collaborator Acceptance: The collaborator can then accept the invite from their secondary Instagram profile. Once added, the post will appear on both profiles.

Why Use the Instagram Collabs Feature?

Double the Hype: With more than one collaborator, you can double the exposure of your post. This is especially beneficial for influencer marketing campaigns.

Reach New Audiences: Collaborating allows you to tap into other users’ followers, introducing your content to new audiences.

User Generated Content: Collaborations can be a great way to showcase user-generated content, adding social proof and authenticity.

Cross Promote: Collaborate with other brands or influencers to cross-promote products, events, or causes, raising awareness among potential customers without creating duplicate content.

Choosing the Right Collaborator

How to Add a Collaborator on Instagram

Align with Your Brand

Ensure the collaborator’s profile aligns with your brand values. For instance, if you’re promoting self-care products, partnering with an account focused on self-care or high engagement in that niche would be beneficial.

Check Past Collaborations

View other posts they’ve co-authored. This gives insight into their collaboration style and the kind of content they produce with other creators.

Open Communication

Once you invite a collaborator, maintain open communication to set permissions, expectations, and ensure both parties benefit.

Things to Remember

Community Guidelines: Ensure all collab content adheres to Instagram’s community guidelines.

Removing Collaborators: If needed, you can remove a collaborator from the original post. However, the post will remain on the collaborator’s account unless they choose to delete it.

Benefits Beyond Exposure: Collaborations aren’t just about gaining followers. They can be a way to offer free stuff, promote user-generated content, or simply engage in a fun, creative process with other users.

The Instagram collabs feature offers a unique way to expand your reach, engage with new audiences, and add a fresh perspective to your content. By adding collaborators and harnessing the power of co-authored content, you can elevate your Instagram strategy, making your posts more engaging and impactful. Whether you’re looking to boost influencer marketing, showcase user-generated content, or simply cross-promote with other brands, the collaboration feature is a tool worth exploring.

A Brilliant Instagram Marketing Campaign: Leveraging ‘Adding a Collaborator’ for Success

How to Add a Collaborator on Instagram

In the ever-evolving landscape of social media marketing, Instagram has become a powerhouse platform for businesses and influencers to connect with their audience. As an example of a marketing campaign that effectively harnessed the ‘Adding a Collaborator’ feature on Instagram, we’ve outlined the strategy for a “Fashion Unite” campaign.

The Fashion Unite Campaign

Campaign Objective: The primary goal of the “Fashion Unite” campaign was to elevate the profile of a fashion brand, XYZ Fashion, and generate buzz around its latest collection launch. To achieve this, the brand aimed to tap into the expansive Instagram audience while also highlighting the importance of sustainability in the fashion industry.


How to Add a Collaborator on Instagram

Collaboration with Influencers: XYZ Fashion partnered with a group of influential fashion bloggers and eco-conscious lifestyle influencers who shared the brand’s values. These influencers had dedicated and engaged followings interested in sustainable fashion.

Adding Collaborators: The brand and the influencers used the ‘Adding a Collaborator’ feature on Instagram to seamlessly cross-promote content. This feature allowed influencers to co-create and post content directly on XYZ Fashion’s Instagram feed, reaching a wider audience and driving traffic to the brand’s profile.

Content Consistency: To maintain a cohesive feed and brand image, all collaborators adhered to a predefined content style guide. This ensured that posts aligned with XYZ Fashion’s aesthetics and sustainability message.

Diverse Content: Collaborators brought their unique perspectives to the campaign, showcasing different ways to style the brand’s clothing. This diversity in content resonated with a broader audience and attracted individuals with varying fashion preferences.

Engagement and Giveaways: The campaign encouraged active engagement from followers by organizing giveaways, where participants had to follow XYZ Fashion, like posts, and tag friends. This not only boosted engagement but also expanded the brand’s reach through word-of-mouth marketing.


How to Add a Collaborator on Instagram

The “Fashion Unite” campaign yielded remarkable results:

Increased Follower Count: By leveraging the ‘Adding a Collaborator’ feature, XYZ Fashion saw a substantial increase in its follower count. The combined follower base of all collaborating influencers brought fresh eyes to the brand.

Higher Engagement: The campaign generated a surge in likes, comments, and shares, indicating a high level of engagement among followers. The diverse content produced by influencers resonated with different segments of the fashion-conscious audience.

Improved Brand Visibility: The collaborative content received widespread attention and even caught the eye of prominent fashion publications. XYZ Fashion’s profile and sustainable fashion message gained considerable exposure.

Conversion Boost: The campaign resulted in a significant increase in website traffic and sales. Followers were not only engaged but also converted into customers, intrigued by the brand’s ethos and the influencer endorsements.

The “Fashion Unite” campaign serves as a stellar example of how the ‘Adding a Collaborator’ feature on Instagram can be a game-changer in marketing. By strategically partnering with influencers, maintaining content consistency, and fostering engagement, XYZ Fashion achieved its goals of increased brand visibility and sales while also spreading awareness about sustainable fashion practices.

This campaign underscores the power of collaboration on Instagram as a potent tool for modern marketing success.


How to Add a Collaborator on Instagram

In the dynamic world of social media, the ability to connect and collaborate with others is paramount to success, and Instagram’s ‘Adding a Collaborator’ feature has emerged as a game-changing tool for content creators and businesses alike. Throughout this guide, we’ve explored the ins and outs of adding a collaborator on Instagram, from the simple steps to the strategic considerations that can make your collaborative efforts truly shine.

As we conclude our journey, it’s clear that ‘Adding a Collaborator’ is more than just a feature; it’s a gateway to expanded creativity, broader reach, and deeper engagement. Whether you’re a solo content creator looking to diversify your content, a brand seeking to amplify its message, or an influencer aiming to cross-pollinate your audience, Instagram’s collaborative feature opens a world of possibilities.

In the fast-paced landscape of social media, those who embrace collaboration are poised to thrive. By adding collaborators to your Instagram journey, you’re not just expanding your content team; you’re forging connections, sparking creativity, and propelling your digital presence to new heights. So, go ahead, reach out to potential collaborators, and embark on an exciting journey of partnership, growth, and innovation on Instagram. The world is ready to discover your collaborative brilliance.

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